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August, 2014
Dear Friends,
This New Year 5777
, our Shir Hadash Contemplative Community will again celebrate the Days of Awe at our convenient new location:

229 South Crescent Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Located in the second block south of Wilshire Blvd.
We are happy to announce that Shir Hadash has completed its first year of Sunday School. Our program was conducted Sunday mornings twice monthly. For information call or email our Principal teacher Diane Rose (310 399-2533), or Rabbi Don (310 454-8324).
Shir Hadash means “new song.” The spirit, the breath of the human being and all creation, is likened to song. To sing a new song is to awaken, to respond to everything with new eyes, new heart, new voice, what is, is ever new. By being together, greathearted souls, may our new song awaken.
We encourage you to volunteer your help in preparations for these Days of Awe. It will be my joy to be with you on these amazing days. L’Shana Tova,
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Shir Hadash